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Illustrator and manga artist living in Kyoto
I have over 10 years of experience as a freelance illustrator. I am good at creating food illustrations and comics that are conveyed to readers.

Please leave it to us for illustration cuts that are easy to convey, have a sense of familiarity, and are rooted in daily life.We have a track record of dealing with more than 30 companies such as KADOKAWA, Orange Page, Shueisha, and Gakken.



  • A troublesome life that takes care of yourself <Take Shobo>
    You can read it here ♫

  • Asahi Shimbun "Recommendation for Terai Maki's Living" Monthly article in Asahi Shimbun Osaka Headquarters Evening Edition

  • PHP Life Easy ♪ "Reader's Club" illustration cut <PHP Research Institute>

  • Ujitawara tea factory"Tell Me Charman" Comic Production Posted Irregularly

  • Monthly LDKTomoko Ogura's Washi Gourmet”Illustration cut

  • Monthly Cocohana "Kyoto Otomegatari" <Shueisha> November 2011-March 2019

cartoon production

  • Denny's Pia 2022 Opening cartoon <Pia>

  • Monthly "Da Vinci" Appendix "Betsuda" Kyoto Mousou Date Comic Essay <KADOKAWA>

  • Published a comic essay in "Separate volume: A funny story that really happened" <Bunkasha>

  • Comic Essay Theater "Another Manpuku Okinawa" 8 pages newly written and published on the web

  • "Maple Osaka '18 (Maple Magazine)" Osaka eating tour report cartoon

  • Monthly Linnel illustration essay published <Takarajimasha>

  • Night bus comparison navigation
    WILLER EXPRESS "Cocoon" ride report cartoon
    Kaifu sightseeing "My Flora" ride report cartoon
    Shinki Bus "Crab Bus Tour" Osaka - Kinosaki Onsen Day Trip
    San'in Limited Express Bus Osaka - Tottori Day Trip
    Kintetsu Bus "OSAKA SKY VISTA" ride report cartoon

  • Monthly Cocohana comic essay 8P published <Shueisha>

  • Hotel Suyotei large public bath report cartoon

  • Seian kindergarten wall illustration production

  • Monthly Chorus Nishiki Market eating while walking report cartoon <Shueisha>

  • "Tokutabi Bus Travel Special" Reported Manga <Sansai Books>

illustration cut

  • No muscle training, eat and lose weight! 7-day weight loss diet <KADOKAWA>

  • Oisix Trial Set Ad Illustration <Oisix Oisix Ra Daichi>

  • "Textbook of Japanese side dishes" Illustration cut charge <Shinsei Publishing>

  • Iyo Bank Advertisement cartoon production Web illustration cut

  • Bassagas Website Kyoto Gourmet Introduction Illustration

  • "Kids grow fast just by tidying up their room!"

  • Cover illustration <Kinobox>

  • "Toriko Guide New Caledonia 2018-2019" 1 illustration cut <Ei Publisher>

  • Ryokan "Yoshikawa" How to wear a yukata / How to take a bath / How to eat tempura illustration for overseas travelers

  • "PHP Living Easy ♫ Hints to Strengthen Luck" Illustration Cut <PHP Research Institute>

  • "Start today high school entrance exam English" illustration cut
    "Study plan card my calendar" illustration cut <Buneido>

  • "LOVE! Scandinavia 2015 autumn&winter" Scandinavian current affairs news illustration <Takarajimasha>

  • "STLASSH, a full-body hair removal salon, folliculitis illustration

  • "There is a reason why children stumble" illustration cut <PHP Research Institute>

  • "English notebook phrase book that can be written every day" illustration cut <Gakken Publishing>

  • “Korean Notebook Phrasebook for Daily Writing” Illustration Cut <Gakken Publishing>

  • "Story of Dangerous Health Foods for Mothers" Illustration & Manga Production <Sansai Books>

  • "GuitarFreaksXG DeepForest" Clip Video Illustration <Konami Digital Entertainment>


  • 4 prints!"Nordic Finland Eat ♪ Travel ♪ Be Fashionable ♪" <Jitsugyo no Nihonsha>

  • reprinted! "Local Gourmet Comic Essay Manpuku Kyoto" <KADOKAWA>

  • "Iceland ★ TRIP" <How to walk the earth>

  • “Today in KyotoZukushi" <How to walk the earth>

  • "I became a hemorrhoid owner" <Kawade Shobo Shinsha>

  • "Local Gourmet Comic Essay Manpuku Okinawa" <KADOKAWA>


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