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3 things Teraimaki can do

1. You can draw delicious food illustrations


2. Manga for hard-to-get-to content
I can tell you more clearly!


3. With a simple illustration cut
Make the magazine more gorgeous ♪


List of books Now on sale!

Illustrated books are now on sale!

original illustration

job request

We accept a wide range of contributions, such as illustration cuts for magazines, reportage comics, and web media.

Please feel free to contact us.


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  • Twitter
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Illustrator and manga artist living in Kyoto
I have over 10 years of experience as a freelance illustrator. I am good at creating food illustrations and comics that are conveyed to readers.
Please leave it to us for illustration cuts that are easy to convey, have a sense of familiarity, and are rooted in daily life. We have a track record of dealing with more than 15 companies such as KADOKAWA, Orange Page, Shueisha, and Gakken.

  • serialization

    • "Wording tips that make parenting much easier<lettuce club web>

    • <Asahi Shimbun> 

    • "Kurashi Raku~ru♪" illustration cut <PHP Research Institute>

    • Monthly Cocohana "Kyoto Otomegatari" <Shueisha>
      November 2011-March 2019

  • books
    • 4 impressions"Nordic Finland Eat ♪ Travel ♪ Be Fashionable ♪"

    • Reprinted!"Local Gourmet Comic Essay Manpuku Kyoto" and many others

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